Department for Education

Transition to School

Children commence school in the term following their 5th birthday.

The purpose of transition visits is to assist your child to become familiar with school staff, the classroom and school routines, and to make transition from preschool to school an enjoyable one.

In your child’s final term of preschool the preschool teacher and the transition reception class teacher organise 4 visits which increase in time to include 1 full school day to help prepare your child for beginning school.

During week 4 of your child’s final term at preschool, you will receive a letter from the school regarding the 4 transition visits and a parent meeting time with the Principal for Flinders View Primary School

If your child is attending a different school you will need to contact them and find out about their transition program.

Your child’s 1st transition visit will be Week 6 Tuesday 8:45am-9:45am, 2nd visit Week 7 Tuesday 8:45am-10:45pm, 3rd visit Week 8 Tuesday 8:45am-12:50pm, and final visit Week 9 Tuesday 8:45am-3:00pm.

Our children also take part in the school activities and routines and there is opportunity for interaction between Preschool and Reception students throughout their time in the Preschool.