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Welcome To Flinders View Primary School

Collaborative and cooperative staff, parent and school community effort are
recognised as a major factor supporting the ability of Flinders View Primary
School to respond constructively to student needs. Addressing reconciliation
issues is important to the future success of all students at the school. We provide
a preschool service for 3-year-old Aboriginal students.

Literacy and numeracy are the focus of our site learning plan. We strive to improve
the performance of our students in NAPLAN testing in trying to close the gap between
our results and the state average. High levels of transience into and out of the school
and between schools in the town is a major issue with as many as 33 per cent of our student population enrolling in Term 1 only to move back to their original northern
schools at a gradual rate during the year and then return the following year.

We have improved teaching and learning spaces and play environments throughout
the school to support collaborative, cooperative learning, leading to pride and ownership among students, staff and the community and a much reduced incidence of vandalism. Major priorities are literacy and the use of information technologies.

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