FVPS Parent Information



Staff are on site from 8.35am Monday – Friday.

Students are encouraged to arrive at school by 8:35 am. (Public Holidays excluded)

Learning commences at: 8:50am.

Time Monday Tuesday to Friday
0835 School Opens School Opens
0850 - 0900 Daily Organisation Daily Organisation
0900 - 0950 Lesson One Lesson One
0950 - 1040 Lesson 2 Lesson 2
1040 - 1110 Lunch Play Lunch Play
1110 - 1120 LUNCH Eating Time in class LUNCH Eating Time in class
1120 - 1210 Lesson 3 Lesson 3
1210 - 1300 Lesson 4 Lesson 4
1300 - 1320 Afternoon RECESS PLAY Afternoon RECESS PLAY
1320 - 1330 Eating time RECESS in class Eating time RECESS in class
1330 - 1420 Lesson 5 lesson 5
1420 - 1510 School finishes Lesson 6
1510 School finishes
1420 - 1700 Staff meeting (Admin + Professional Learning and committees)


Icon Parent Information Booklet


Our canteen offers a wide range of healthy foods. Parents can order their childs lunch and recess via the Spriggy app alternatively students can order their lunch and recess from the classroom.

Class lunch boxes are taken to the canteen by 9am and collected again at eating time, which is 11:10am for lunch and 1:20pm for recess. Students eat their lunch quietly together in their class groups.

Ice blocks are sold in Term 1 and 4 during the afternoon recess break. If a child arrives at school after 9.30 am they may order their lunch from a modified canteen menu at the front office. No students may leave school grounds for lunch without written permission from their parents. We provide emergency lunches for students at a cost of 50 cents or ‘mutual exchange’ which may be arranged in lieu of the cost.

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Students are expected to wear a school uniform at Flinders View Primary School. The Governing Council has endorsed our Uniform Policy. (uniform policy is currently being reviewed by Governing council) School uniform is important because:
  • Encourages student pride in themselves and their school
  • It helps build a strong identity of the school
  • Eliminates peer pressure e.g. to wear brand clothing
  • Helps to keep students safe; staff know immediately if there is someone on school grounds that shouldn’t be
  • The Flinders View Primary School uniform comprises of the following:
  • Maroon polo shirt with white inserts, adorned with the school logo
  • Hooded school jumper or jacket with school logo
  • School bucket hat
  • Black bottoms and closed shoes.
  • Icon Uniform prices may be obtained by contacting the school. A one-off special discount on uniforms is provided for new students on enrolment. After initial enrolment further uniforms or hats must be purchased at the regular price.

    Please refer to our uniform policy if you require further information by following the link. Uniform Policy


    Governing councils are bodies that govern a school or preschool. Governing councils work with the site leader (principal or director) to help set and monitor the direction of the site. Our governing council meets twice per term, usually weeks 3 and 8, to talk about the direction of Flinders View Primary School. Please enquire at the front office if you are interested. Parents are elected to Council at the Annual General Meeting held in the first term each year. Meetings are a big part of being on a governing council, but it’s not only that. In your role on the council, you might:

  • be on an interview panel to select the site’s principal or director
  • need to deal with media in response to an event or a good news story
  • be an employing authority of out of school hours care (OSHC) or canteen staff. Members may be elect to be on one of the following sub committees:
  • Canteen
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Grounds


    The office area is open every day from 8:15-4:00pm


    Please contact Front office staff for enrolment information and enquiries. Prior to enrolling an Expression of Interest Form must be completed so an enrolment meeting may be scheduled with the principal or a Leadership member.


  • Icon    Intention to enrol form
  • Icon    Enrolment form
  • Enrolment Policy
  • Icon Enrolment Preschool

    The annual Materials & Services charge for 2021 is set at $246.00 per child. ALL FEES must be paid prior to ___________ 2023 unless you have been approved for a Payment Plan or School Card Application. Our preferred method of payment is via EFtPOS with a credit card or Cash Payment.


    School Card Applications are now available ONLINE:
    1. School Card must be applied for annually, please click here for website link.
    2. Select the type of School Card you would like to apply for (for example ‘Type A’) and follow the prompts.
    3. Complete all mandatory fields.
    4. Once you have completed a page click on the ‘NEXT’ button.
    5. Once you have filled out all pages click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

    Please note: if you exit the form without clicking ‘SUBMIT’ your details will be lost. If you need help please contact the school. PLEASE NOTE: If you are ‘Eligible’ for School Card this covers Material & Service Fees. Payment Plans may be arranged by making contact with the school Finance Officer.


    Opportunities to be involved include providing classroom reading support for teachers in the Early Years, accompanying students on excursions, coaching sports teams, volunteering in the canteen, covering books in the library and helping out at fundraising events. Any person volunteering is required to contact the Deputy Principal and is subject to screening and assessing suitability. The school requires:-

  • Volunteer Declaration
  • Working with Children Check
  • Participation in Induction Process
  • Participation in RAN-EC for Volunteers
  • RAN-EC induction

    All volunteers who provide ongoing assistance must have attended or undertaken a RAN-EC induction session for volunteers. The RAN-EC induction outlines the volunteers’ child protection responsibilities and provides guidelines on protective practices. The RAN-EC session for volunteers is now available via an online session. A certificate of participation is provided when completed and can be brought to the front office; the certificate is transferable across sites. To access the Department for Education & Child Development online training click here.


    From 1 July 2019, people working or volunteering with children in South Australia must, by law, have a valid child-related clearance. WWCC replaces all other types of child-related employment screening checks. A WWCC will be valid for five years and if this is solely used for volunteering purposes, the volunteer will receive theirs for free.

    You don’t need a working with children check if you:

  • work for SA Police or the Australian Federal Police
  • are a parent or guardian volunteering with your own child (e.g. at school) and do not have close personal contact with other children
  • Working with Children checks are required for:

  • parents or guardians attending overnight camps
  • sports coaches who are not parents / guardians of a child in the team
  • parent volunteers, if their own child is not involved in the service / activity
  • Please click here This link takes you to access the application form. Complete this form, make an appointment at the front office and bring 100 points of identification to commence the WWCC. Full details are available of the Department for Human Services website


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